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Quality. Integrity. Made in USA. At Photometals, we manufacture precision etched parts, nameplates, asset tags, graphic overlays, signage and more - our team has been producing high quality products for over 35 years. We serve all industries - automotive, aerospace, military, medical, electronics, and equipment manufacturers.

Our in-house production graphics team can work with your engineers and designers to bring custom projects to life. You can add dimension to your project with full etch, half etch, frost etch, or flash etch.

You can choose from a variety of metals such as steel, copper, brass, aluminum, stainless steel, and many more. Thickness ranges from 0.004 in. to 0.250 in.(or 0.11mm to 6.4mm), and are up to 30 in. x 60 in. large.

Directional and orbital grains are also available to provide additional texture. We offer matte, semi-gloss, satin, gloss, and frost finishes, as well as mounting options including VHB Foam, industrial strength adhesive, stud mounting, magnet, and pin mounting. Photometal processing can ensure product durability, increasing resistance to fading, scratching, chemicals, and extreme weather conditions. OEMs from the mining and wastewater treatment industries have made us their number one choice for supplying industrial warning labels and other important signage because of their resilience.

Within our 68,000-square-foot facility, all of our products are inspected every step of the process. From raw materials to the finished product, all products are manufactured to exact standards and undergo multiple inspections throughout the manufacturing process, including AS9100 First Article Inspections.

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Acid Etching

Acid Etching

Acid etching, also known as chemical etching or photo etching, is the process of cutting a hard surface like metal by means of a specially formulated acid for the process of etching in order to allow for the creation of a design onto the metal...

Metal Etching

Metal Etching

Metal etching is a metal removal process that uses various methods to configure complex, intricate, and highly accurate components and shapes. Its flexibility allows for instantaneous changes during processing...

Photochemical Etching

Photochemical Etching

Photochemical etching, also known as photochemical machining or metal etching, is a non-traditional, subtractive machining process in which photographic and chemical techniques are used to shape the metal workpiece...

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