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Use our thorough list of metal etching companies and suppliers in order to examine and sort top metal etching companies with previews of ads and detailed descriptions of each product. Any metal etching companies can provide metal etching products and services to meet your companies specific qualifications. An easy connection to reach metal etching companies through our fast request for quote form is provided as well. This source is right for you whether it's for chemical milling, photo engraving, chemical etching or any other metal etching needs.

Santa Clara, CA  |  888-448-2549

Founded in 1977, we offer photochemical machining to make products from copper-based alloys plus ferrous and high-nickel alloys. We have used chemical milling to produce items for the architectural, decorative, mechanical and motion picture industries. Secondary operations also available.

Italix Company Inc. $$$

El Monte, CA  |  626-443-7121

VACCO Industries, Precision Etched Parts is the leading provider of photo etching services for a wide range of industries with over 60 years of experience. We offer solutions for markets including: Automotive, Medical, Filter, Electronic, Life Sciences, Aerospace, Semiconductor, Energy, Industrial Manufacturing and much more. The Photo Chemical Etching process allows us to fabricate critical components with very precise tolerances. VACCO/Multi-Fab is the preferred supplier with competitive pricing and guaranteed on-time delivery. VACCO/Multi-Fab is always on the cutting edge of development utilizing the latest technology in our industry, as many of our customers would attest to VACCO capabilities for all of our photo etching, diffusion bonding, adhesive bonding, micro laser cutting & welding services. VACCO Industries, Precision Etched Parts is committed to providing our customers with high quality solutions which is why our experts utilize a wide variety of materials including: Stainless Steel, Copper, Brass, Titanium, Aluminum, Polyimide, Nickel, Nitinol and more. Our company has a long history of finding the best designed products to fit our customers` applications and our teams will work with you to determine the best solutions for your projects. VACCO always keeps your production goals in mind and we put an emphasis on your special requests. From the initial conversation to after-sale support our company is always available to assist you with your manufacturing needs. We also provide an extensive range of value-added services. Some of our secondary operations include: diffusion bonding, adhesive bonding, forming, embossing, differential etching, , heat treating, assembly, kiss cutting, marking, plating, special packaging, welding and more. VACCO Precision Etched Parts is ISO 9001:2000 registered.

VACCO Industries, Inc. $$$

Brea, CA  |  714-671-9495

Since our foundation, Caliber Engraving has been providing responsive, competent and high quality metal etching services on fabricated components. Our primary focus has been on high temperature, titanium and ferrous alloys while serving the aerospace engine fabricating market. Typical applications of chemical milling include Inconel jet engine mixer components and more. Visit our website for more information.

Caliber Engraving $$$

Alhambra, CA  |  626-282-8823

Do you want or need to leave everlasting ID marks on your product (bar codes, graphics, logos, serial numbers)? We are the company to do that for you via electrochemical etching. We perform our metal etching on aluminum, carbide, stainless steel and other conductive metals. We handle .0001”-0.010” thicknesses.

Marking Methods, Inc. $$$

Sun Valley, CA  |  818-767-0071

Since 1974, Photo-Chem Etch Corporation has been a leading producer of high-quality products through the use of chemical milling & diverse metal etching services. As an adaptable metal etching company, we offer photochemical etching, metal etching and metal chemical etching. We also offer plating, forming & custom products from prototype to production. Serve audio, electronics & signs industries.

Photo-Chem Etch Corporation $$$

Los Angeles, CA  |  323-913-7982

Hi-Electronics welcomes you and is ready to bring you the best in product and customer service. Among the markets that we most often serve are automotive, aircraft, electronic and computer. We bring precision photo-etched and chemical milling products and services. We are an ISO and Mil Spec. compliant company, bringing only top notch quality. Don’t wait another minute, visit our website today!

Transline Technology Incorporated $$$

Livermore, CA  |  925-960-9900

Since in 1976, Valmark Interface Solutions has a sterling record of providing highly engineered and reliable membrane, mechanical, capacitive switches — and other pointing and input devices — to many of the world’s largest OEM organizations. VIS has been dedicated to providing the best and most complete line of high-tech printed components available, and our vertically integrated manufacturing capabilities supports designs from initial rapid prototyping to full production.

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Tacoma, WA  |  800-343-2401

Precision photo chemical machining and etching is what brings a solid definition to what Northwest Etch Technologies is all about. We also do stainless steel etching among other metal chemical etching services. We started our business in 1978 and are now delivering products to 26 states and 10 foreign countries. Visit our website for further information!

Northwest Etch Technology $$$
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